Adrian Bateman BSc Honours (Open) Website Developer Building responsive web applications since 2012


When not coding, I love to kick back and do some creative work. I use a range of media, both real and digital.

Natural Healing logo

Digital - Inkscape

Logo for website: Natural Healing

Logo designed for an online shop.

Natural Healing banner

Digital - Inkscape

Banner design for website: Natural Healing

Banner incorporating logo design with website title.


Pen to Digital - Inkscape

UFO design with lines

Line art, originally on A3 paper, transformed into SVG for web.

Civic Type R

Digital - Inkscape

Civic car line art

Line art inspired by Civic Type R car.


Digital - Inkscape

Triumph line art

Line art inspired by Triumph car.


Digital - GIMP

Angel image

Digital Angel design from stock photograph

Star logo

Digital - Inkscape & GIMP

Start idea for logo

Logo idea combining both vector and bitmap

Houses come in two


Pencil drawing of two sided to a house

Pencil drawing, done separately on two pieces of A4, combined.


Digital - MyPaint

House drawing test using myPaint

Digital drawing, using similar techniques to chalk on digital canvas.


Digital - MyPaint

Tree idea for website

Concept image for sidebar navigation. Digital drawing.

White Eagle

Digital - MyPaint

Portrait drawing

Digital portrait inspired by Native American culture.

Title Idea

Digital - MyPaint

Logo idea in pencil

Title idea for personal portfolio, digital drawing.